TV Video Consultations

Improve quality of care for older people

Secure, enterprise grade, encrypted calls

Universally accessible; on the TV or the web

What is SpeakSet?

The set top box and remote designed for older people


Make video calls on a TV, laptop or computer
No software to download, make calls from the web
Connect older people to their family, carers and doctors


Video calls are shown to improve quality of care
Connecting older people reduces isolation
Better communication reduces readmission rates


SpeakSet is used by CCGs, Charities, Care Homes and GP's
By enabling calls with the family, older people are engaged by the system
Designed and tested by older people, for older people

It just works

It Just Works!

SpeakSet is really easy to use. Being designed specifically for older people, it plugs into any TV and is operated by a simple remote control. It arrives with contacts and settings pre-loaded. Just plug in and make a call.

Remote Management

Remote Management

You can manage the TV device remotely through The install process, adding and removing contacts or even changing entire features can be done from anywhere in the world.

Any Device

Compatible Across Devices

Calls can be made to and from SpeakSet via your computer or laptop. This means you can have consultations, wherever you are, without interrupting your routine.

Partnering with

NHS, Google Developers, Morden College and more

Case Studies

What Our Users Think...



I absolutely love it, it's so easy to use and speaking to people on my TV feels so familiar. I can't believe I couldn't do this before. It's not frightening to use like a computer.



Her great nervousness is over the technology, being a technophobe. The really great thing is having just three buttons, even Jean can use something with three buttons




What I particularly like is that both of my parents can get involved in the conversation. It is a real improvement from the phone where I can only talk to one at a time. It is just a much more sociable experience



I have serious problems with arthritis, but I can actually use this as it has lovely big buttons that I can use with my thumbs




It was simple and it was fun!



It's so good now that I am able to check up on my parents, a phone call just doesn't tell you enough. Being able to see how they are makes all the difference.